Our Team

Our Team is Comprised of Individuals From Around the World Who’ve Had Their Own Success on Amazon.

Under the leadership of renowned Amazon expert Liran Hirshkorn makes for a team that is unbeatable. Now, they can be your team.

Our Core Values

Uphold Integrity, Honesty, and Transparency

Be open and honest. We are working towards the same goal: the greater good. We set realistic goals and expectations with honesty and execute them with integrity.

Build a Culture That Empowers Teams

Our team is our greatest asset and we want them to be happy. We value diversity in people and ideas as we work towards a shared vision for the brand and our customers.

Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Great

Focus on Impact. Be obsessed with client success. Work vigorously to earn and keep customers’ trust. We measure our results based on their success.

Achieve Clarity Through Effective Communication

With an emphasis on transparency and accessibility, we strive to communicate clearly with our clients and internal teams, so everyone is always on the same page.

Challenge Assumptions with Data

We test theories by validated data and accept that we are not always right. We believe that by allowing data to guide us, we will deliver and achieve our desired results. We challenge the process, not the outcome.

Commit to Learning and Self-Development

Learn and be curious. We don’t know everything, and we rely on natural curiosity to guide our questions. We are always curious about new possibilities and take action to explore them.

Collaborate To Harness Collective Genius

Through our diverse team, we aim to unleash the slice of genius in every person and leverage that collective genius into a single work of innovation.

Practice Proactive Ownership

We encourage and enable our people to take ownership of their roles and expect them to honor commitments, all while practicing compassionate leadership.

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