portrait of Sylvia Rodriguez

Sylvia Rodriguez

Human Resource Coordinator

Friends and colleagues describe Sylvia as positive, dedicated, genuine, passionate and creative. Born and raised in Naples, Florida, she learned early on that limitations lived only in
the mind and with just a little imagination, all our possibilities can become limitless. This mindset was the path that led her to Incrementum Digital as an Executive Assistant to CEO Liran
Hirschkorn in October of 2020.

With a background in management and internal relations, Incrementum felt she would fit perfectly as Incrementum’s Human Resource Coordinator. Sylvia enjoys working one on one with each member of the Incrementum team and aims to be an example of the Incrementum Culture every day.

“Incrementum is like no other! I love how one of our main values is to “Build a Culture that Empowers Teams”. Coming from a corporate background, empowering the members of their team never seemed to be of high importance. But here at Incrementum, it is all about building each other up instead of knocking each other down. I am so thankful to be a part of such a positive and growing organization.”

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