Amazon DSP

Deploy Amazon's First-Party Audience Data to Grow Your Brand

Amazon's DSP is widely regarded as the marketplace's most complex audience targeting tool. Incrementum Digital’s team is trained in programmatic campaign strategy, execution, and delivering valuable audience insights.

Great Awareness Comes With Great Responsibility

Whether it’s ReTargeting, Conquesting, Custom Creative or Third Party Audience Integration, we’ll work with your brand’s needs to recommend the best approach to leveraging Amazon’s DSP - without the inflated ROAS or duplicated sales attribution that comes with most Managed DSP service offerings.

Here's How We Approach DSP Management

  • Custom Creative Options

    Custom Creative Options

    Based on the goals you set, we'll leverage our in-house creative team to optimize your listings for maximum sales impact alongside your custom advertising strategy.

  • Real-time Communication

    Real-time Communication

    You’ll receive personalized service with a dedicated Slack channel where you can communicate directly with our experts, ask questions and get real-time responses.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Detailed Reporting

    DPV, Add to Carts, Branded Lift, and Halo ROAS are all included in our ASIN level DSP reporting dashboard. Your insights are delivered in real-time.

Our team uses precise lookback windows, consistent audience negation, and Isolated ASIN tracking to prevent your top of funnel ads from cannibalizing hard-earned topline sales growth. Our primary goal is to drive highly relevant traffic to your brand's listings for the maximum halo impact on brand growth.

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