portrait of Kate Bray

Kate Bray

VP of Marketing, Partner

Kate Bray joined our team in January of 2021 as head of DSP and was later promoted to VP of Marketing, Head of Education. Kate brings over four years of experience in Amazon Advertising prior to Incrementum, writing and running Amazon Advertising strategies for brands like PrAna, Nordic Naturals, Natural Factors, Fjallraven, Ruffwear, and more.

Kate has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Portland State University accompanied by a certificate in Sports and Outdoors retail marketing. Kate is passionate about continued learning, company culture, and the creative process. Providing and creating access to education is one of Kate’s core missions, which is one major focus of her role at Incrementum Digital as Head of Education. Kate is based in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, and two-year-old daughter.

My favorite value is “Commit to Learning” because of the impact it’s already had on my life since joining the team at Incrementum. We have book clubs, inspirational slack channels, and an all around self improvement mindset. It’s a privilege to work closely with people that I strive to become. I’m thankful that this value is so important to the team at work and in life.

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