In-depth Amazon Ads Q&A

[00:01:09] Buy box suppression, lower price, competing listings, search volume importance.

[00:06:07] High search volume, no conversions, competitive keyword.

[00:08:47] Vine reviews

[00:12:52] Negate irrelevant search terms, manage bids.

[00:18:36] Brand analytics helps understand search result clicks. Incrementum Digital offers a comprehensive Amazon advertising course. Free audit for $10,000+ ad spend. Relevant bidding is crucial for product visibility.

[00:20:44] Ensure indexing, fixed bidding, beware dynamic bids.

[00:24:43] Mansour’s labor of love: excellent beginner content. Recommends alternative ads, like Reddit.

[00:28:22] “Drive low converting keywords? Organic rank impact?”

[00:33:12] Leveraging A+ content for client listings includes changing the brand name and using interactive models such as FAQ and comparison charts. Video content is placed higher to showcase products.

[00:35:36] New opportunities with brand tailored promotions on Amazon. Leveraging new features like virtual bundles and posts. Rules for running video ads on sponsored brands include showcasing product in use and adding captions. Importance of video content on listing images, video section, and detail page.

[00:42:54] Optimize campaigns, don’t funnel exact keywords.

[00:46:20] Target high or low volume keywords? Consider competition and appeal to shoppers.

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