What types of experiments will be conducted?

We will conduct the following experiments, which are listed based on their impact on conversion rate:

Main Images

The main images will be tested to determine which version has a better click-through rate.


The title will be split-tested to determine which version has a
better click-through rate and ranking.

A+ Content

The A+ Content will be split-tested to determine which version has a better conversion rate.

What can I expect when working with A/B Testing
with Incrementum Digital?

Strategic Planning

  • Thorough market research, audience research, and keyword research will be done to ensure we have the best grasp of your market.
    • Part of our research involves using Data Dive, an advanced market share analysis and SEO tool that can cross-reference your competitors’ content and keywords.
    • The results will provide us with high-value keywords to help boost your listing’s organic search rankings and engage your target market.
  • Based on our research, we will identify the types of experiments to be tested. We will run a maximum of 5 experiments.
  • A hypothesis will be created, along with the briefs of our executions.
  • All materials will be created before each experiment to ensure no gap time.

Seamless Execution

  • Each test will be scheduled in the Manage Your Experiments
  • We check in bi-weekly to monitor the progress of the experiment and restrategize accordingly.
  • Once a winner is determined, we move on to the next experiment in the road map.
  • If we can’t determine a winner after an experiment for an element, the original version will be used.

Active Communication

  • We actively communicate with you through your email, minimum 2 times per week, for checking, execution, and reporting of results.
  • We require your attention in providing us the assets, Seller Central access, and resources we need for the planning phase.

Clear and Easy-to-Understand Report

  • A report will be presented once each experiment is completed.
  • A thorough, summative report will be presented to determine the impact of the experiments once the all the experiments are completed.
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