Watch Liran's Step-By-Step Guide to Auditing a Real Account How to audit your Amazon Advertising?

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IconAbout The Video

In this comprehensive video, Liran Hirschkorn from Incrementum Digital outlines the detailed process of:

  • Auditing a brand to identify growth opportunities
  • Optimizations for scaling on Amazon

IconFour Main Areas


campaign analysis

growth opportunities

content evaluation

IconMarket Understanding

Emphasizes the importance of understanding the market at a macro level before diving into specific campaigns. Using tools like Amazon’s Product Opportunity Explorer, the video showcases how to analyze search volume, conversion rates, and seasonal trends to gain insights into the niche market.

IconNiche Deep Dive

Provides a closer look at specific keywords, top players, and the competitive landscape within the niche, highlighting the importance of identifying key keywords for brand success.

IconCampaign Analysis

Compares brand performance with category averages and top performers, analyzing conversion rates, new-to-brand customers, and overall category metrics.

IconMarket Trends

Utilizes third-party tools like Jungle Scout’s Cobalt to understand general market trends, year-over-year data, and estimated revenue, offering a broader view of the market dynamics.

IconAccount Performance

Discusses the significance of ad sales, organic sales, and the impact of seasonality on performance. It also highlights the challenges of rising CPC rates and strategies for optimizing PPC campaigns.

IconKeyword And Ad Spend Analysis

Identifies high-performing keywords, optimizes ad spend across ad types, and adjusts strategies based on ACOS and conversion rates.

IconProduct Analysis

Encourages a detailed review of each product’s performance, emphasizing the need to understand where ad spend is most effective and how to adjust tactics for individual products.

IconBest Practices and Growth Opportunities

Offers insights into optimizing campaigns by targeting specific keywords and match types more effectively. It also suggests budget management strategies to avoid missing out on potential orders due to budget constraints.

IconContent Optimization

Highlights the importance of improving listing content, using custom creatives effectively, and leveraging brand stories to enhance brand presence and customer engagement.


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