Turning the Tide: How Strategic Amazon Ads Transformed One Supplement Brand in a Competitive Market


A supplement brand faced significant advertising challenges in a market dominated by well-established competitors. Aiming to grow sales, the brand struggled with a low conversion rate, inefficient ad spend, underutilized Sponsored Display ads, and fluctuating TACOS, impacting visibility and sales.

The Challenge

The primary goal was to increase sales from $70K to $200K within 45 days. Additionally, they aimed to enhance listing conversion rates, improve organic rankings, offers, and reviews, and maintain a TACOS below 25%. These objectives aimed to address the challenges and ensure sustainable growth in a competitive market.

The conversion rate was 19.3%, much lower than the niche median of 29.5%, indicating issues with pricing and review star ratings.  Sponsored brand targeting was inefficient, contributing only 17% of total ad sales despite accounting for 30% of ad spend. The brand’s top product appeared for only 7% of keywords on page 1, highlighting a need for better keyword targeting and improved listing optimization.

The Approach

  • The Audit

    To address these challenges, a comprehensive audit was conducted to identify opportunities. The strategy included better inventory management, updating listing images and copy, testing different pricing points, and conducting A/B testing of creatives.

  • Budget Reallocation

    The advertising budget was reallocated towards high-performing products, and detailed keyword research was conducted to improve ad performance and organic rankings.

  • Campaign Testing

    Various types of Sponsored Display campaigns were tested, and auto campaigns with the best ACOS had their budgets increased.

  • Creative Optimization

    Aspirational and lifestyle images were added to listings, and Premium A+ content was utilized to enhance product listings and cross-promote other products.

Our Results

  • Our team maintained a 30% TACOS while increasing monthly sales to $200K, an 87.5% revenue increase YOY

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) was 0.51%, and the Cost Per Click (CPC) averaged $2.44

  • Total sessions increased to 737,444, reflecting higher customer interest and engagement

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