From Stagnation to Success: How Incrementum Digital Boosted Brand X’s Advertising Performance


We had the opportunity to work with a client who was facing significant advertising challenges in the first half of 2022. Brand X, our client, experienced stagnated topline growth despite increased advertising investment. Rising CPCs, increased saturation on key search terms, and higher shipping costs contributed to thinner margins. In July 2022, Brand X approached us at Incrementum Digital, seeking solutions to increase their topline sales during their peak season and overcome the decline in sales following the holiday months. During an in-depth Amazon Advertising audit with our team, we discovered several challenges that hindered the effectiveness of Brand X's advertising efforts...

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The Challenge

  • Poor Campaign Structure

  • Invisible TOS

  • Lack of Relevant Targeting

  • Insufficient Brand Exposure and Reach

  • Spotty ASIN Targeting

  • Chaotic Amazon DSP Strategy

Brand X’s account lacked proper organization and resource allocation, with a mix of high- and low-traffic keywords within campaigns. This required a complete restructuring of the account in ad console to improve efficiency. 

Competitors held top-of-search (TOS) placements and best-seller badges, reducing Brand X’s visibility and market share. We needed a strategy to regain credibility and market share.

Brand X needed to invest in highly relevant and high-traffic search terms while identifying converting search terms from Auto-campaigns. Optimization was necessary to focus on keywords that drove conversions effectively.

With increased category saturation, Brand X required tactics to reach a broader audience both on and off Amazon. We explored Sponsored Display and DSP ad formats for products that had never tested ads, which was crucial to expanding their brand’s reach.

Missing ASIN targetings across Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads limited sales opportunities. Filling these gaps was necessary to maximize advertising reach.

The existing DSP strategy lacked clarity, sufficient investment in upper funnel marketing, and understanding of the platform’s capabilities. Balancing growth objectives with the desired ROAS of 3 was a significant challenge.

The Approach

  • Optimize Product Content

    We enhanced product visibility and organic sales growth by optimizing images, titles, bullet points, and utilizing A+ content and Amazon Posts for richer product information.

  • Expand Reach

    We tapped into wider audiences through micro-influencers and Google Ads, leveraging Amazon Attribution to track the effectiveness of advertising efforts across channels.

  • Keyword Optimization

    We targeted specific keywords using precise match types, optimizing product listings for relevance to customer search queries. We employed continuous monitoring and optimization based on impression share metrics and keyword ranking tracking.

  • Budget Allocation and Optimization

    We analyzed ASIN and keyword performance to reallocate resources to high-performing areas. We utilized Amazon's budget reports and budget rules to optimize spending in real time.

  • A/B Testing and Timed Storefront Launches

    We conducted A/B tests to evaluate creative variations and messaging approaches. We aligned storefront launches with peak shopping periods to maximize visibility and impact.

  • Amazon DSP Utilization

    We developed a comprehensive DSP strategy to maximize brand exposure, targeting relevant audiences, and leveraging custom audience creation and responsive e-commerce creatives. We expanded the audience pool by targeting competitors and running awareness campaigns.

Our Results

  • Achieved a peak ROAS of 6.52x in January 2023, surpassing the previous year's performance.

  • Consistently improved ACOS, reducing it from 54.2% in September 2022 to 23.54% in January 2023.

  • Substantial revenue growth, with an all-time best sales month of $8,115,164 in December 2022.

  • Significant increase in new-to-brand customers, with nearly 120% growth year over year.

  • Notable uplift in purchase rates, indicating increased conversions and sales.

  • The implementation of Amazon DSP campaigns also delivered impressive results, expanding reach, increasing impressions, click-throughs, and branded searches.

  • Detail page views and total product sales showed substantial growth, and the return on advertising spend (ROAS) improved significantly.

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