Doubling Sales With Optimization and A+ Content


The Client featured in this case study approached Incrementum Digital after declining sales due to chronic out-of-stock issues. They used Quartile to run advertisements, resulting in thousands of live campaigns with limited control over product stock. As product supply ran out, so did customer interest.

Ready to up sales and gain control over their advertising and product supply, they employed the help of Incrementum Digital, intending to double their sales by the end of the year.

Product Sales Growth Flywheel chart

The Challenge




Cluttered, Unoptimized Campaigns: Thousands of live ad campaigns with poor content & lack of targeting limited brand visibility.

Chronic Stock Issues: Frequent out-of-stock products led customers to look elsewhere. Plummeted Rankings: Lack of SEO strategies and out-of-stock products stagnated sales and led to a dip in rankings.

The Approach


    Instead of grouping all products into a single campaign, we prioritized the products driving 90% of the client's sales, added more relevant keywords, and separated match types in each ad group to eliminate crossover & reach the target.


    We gave all listings a major facelift with new A+ content, fresh copy, secondary images, and videos that can elevate the advertising campaigns. Secondary images incorporated FAQs and product features to increase the conversion rate.


    Backend search terms were added to all listings for brand visibility & product discoverability in Amazon and Google search results. Top-performing keywords were added to titles and PPC campaigns to ensure increased Share of Voice.


    There are many ways to rank on Amazon, one common tactic being giveaway campaigns combined with Facebook advertising. We ran campaigns for this client's top two products for more than three months to generate sales and increase reach.

Our Results

  • Sales doubled in three months (2x faster than the client's goal)

  • Average ACoS decreased by 10%

  • Page #1 ranking in multiple 100K+ volume keywords