137- Maximizing ROI with Variations-Based Campaigns on Amazon

In this episode, we answer the following questions:

1. How important is it to run campaigns for all variations of a product?

2. In what situations would it be best to combine variations in one campaign?

3. When should you advertise a higher-priced product over a lower-priced one?

4. How do you determine which variation of a product to advertise if there are multiple options available?

5. How important is customer perception and quality in choosing which variation of a product to advertise?

6. What role does A/B testing play in determining the most effective product variations to focus on?

7. Can you give an example of a product where color variations are more important than other variations?

8. How important is it to check for search volume before creating a separate campaign for a specific variation?

9. How do you differentiate products that come in similar sizes and images, such as shoes and clothing?

10. What is the significance of understanding your customer when selecting keywords to showcase your best-selling products?

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