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Search Query Performance on Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide

May 2, 2023
Kate Bray
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Search Query Performance on Amazon: A Comprehensive Guide

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To help you get started with Amazon’s search query performance dashboard, we’ve created two pre-built SUPA templates that you can use to organize the data from your seller central account. These templates will help you analyze your search term data more efficiently and make data-driven decisions about optimizing your listings.

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What is the Search Query Performance Dashboard?

Search Query Performance (SQP) on Amazon provides valuable insights into customer interactions with your brand throughout the search shopping journey. This article will explain what SQP is, its importance, and how to use it effectively for your Amazon business.
What is SQP?
SQP reflects customer interactions with your brand and products on Amazon, both at the product and search query levels. It includes metrics that originate from search result pages, but not from product detail pages.
Important aspects of SQP:


  • Impressions are only from search result pages.
  • They include both organic and sponsored products but exclude ASINs displayed in widgets such as “Editorial recommendations,” “Top-rated,” or “Highly rated.”
  • Impressions are counted for ASINs on pages rendered to the customer, even if the customer doesn’t scroll to see the product.
  1. Purchases:
  • Cancelled and returned purchases are included.
  • SQP considers purchases that happened within a day (24-hour attribution). If a customer queries and adds a product to the cart but purchases the following day, that purchase remains unattributed.


Some of the Information available in the SQP dashboard:

  • Search queries at the brand and ASIN levels
  • Search Query Score
  • Search Volume
  • Impressions (for market and your brand)
  • Clicks (for market and your brand)
  • Add to Carts (for market and your brand)
  • Purchases (for market and your brand)

A customer searches for “massage gun.” Your product appears on page one organically and through Sponsored Products. The customer clicks on the product but purchases another variation of your product. In this case, the SQP data will show:

  • Impressions: 2
  • Clicks: 1
  • Add to Cart: 0
  • Purchases: 0

The customer did not purchase the same product.

SQP is an invaluable tool for Amazon sellers. Here are a few use cases:

  • Track your market share at the search query level
  • Discover new search terms
  • Measure the impact of listing A/B testing (image, price, etc.) at the search query level
  • Measure the impact of deals on market share
  • Measure the impact of advertising efforts at the search query level
  • Assess cannibalization for branded & non-branded terms
  • Discover search query opportunities to increase market share
  • Optimize SEO

Understanding and utilizing Amazon’s Search Query Performance (SQP) is essential for any successful Amazon business. By leveraging the insights provided by SQP, sellers can optimize their marketing strategies, discover new opportunities, and ultimately increase their market share on the platform.


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