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Unlocking New Potential: Vertical Video in Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

January 30, 2024
Kate Bray
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Unlocking New Potential: Vertical Video in Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

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Amazon’s introduction of vertical video support in Sponsored Brand Ads marks a significant advancement for brands in the marketplace. This new feature allows advertisers to launch vertical video campaigns aimed at driving page visits or growing brand impression share, directly inviting audiences to their Amazon Store.

Four different formats of Amazon Sponsored Brand vertical video ads displayed on a mobile screen.

Why This Matters

Traditionally, brands had to reformat their 9:16 videos for Amazon Ads. Now, content created for other social channels can be seamlessly integrated, leveraging the inherent advantages of vertical videos. Studies, including one by YouTube, show that vertical videos yield 10-20% more conversions per dollar than horizontal videos. Amazon’s early beta tests echoed this finding, with vertical videos achieving an 8.9% higher click-through rate compared to horizontal counterparts.


The Opportunity

Advertisers can now connect with mobile-optimized video formats, reusing existing assets to enhance shopper engagement. This is especially relevant considering the high consumption of video content on mobile devices. For instance, 90% of Twitter video views and a significant portion of Facebook Stories views occur on mobile. This trend underscores the potential of vertical video ads in reaching and engaging the mobile-first audience.


Implementation Details

This feature is available to U.S. advertisers with an active Brand Store. It encompasses various segments, including vendors, registered sellers, and both managed and self-service platforms. The ease of access through the advertising console and Amazon Ads API makes it a versatile tool for marketers.


The Broader Context

The shift towards vertical video is part of a larger trend in social media storytelling. With platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook emphasizing story formats, brands have a unique opportunity to engage audiences in a more immersive and mobile-friendly way. This aligns with the consumer behavior of seeking spontaneous and discovery-oriented content, rather than searching for specifics.


Final Thoughts

This new feature by Amazon is not just a format change; it’s a strategic tool for brands to increase engagement and conversion in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By embracing vertical video in Sponsored Brand Ads, advertisers can tap into the growing trend of mobile video consumption and story-driven content, setting a new standard for effective online marketing.


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