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The Power of Branded Searches: Amazon Advertising Tactics

December 2, 2021
Incrementum Digital
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The Power of Branded Searches: Amazon Advertising Tactics

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Congratulations, you have branded search traffic! Additional kudos if it’s growing each month, that means you’re doing something right. Now that you have those customers coming into Amazon what do you do?

One of the biggest mistakes we see are brands overlooking their branded keywords because “hey, they are going to buy our products anyways, why waste money advertising to them.” My response is usually “How would you feel if a competitor put a billboard right outside your office?” All jokes aside, here are some ways you can utilize branded searches to benefit your brand.

Brand protection

First, I think we can all agree that we humans are a fickle bunch and are often caught peering over the fence to see if the grass is acutally greener on the other side. As a brand, you don’t want other brands flashing their shiny new offers to your customers, EVEN if the product is inferior to yours. By utilizing Sponsored products, Sponsored brand headline and video ads you can can create the illusion that the customer has landed on your own specific store page. Second, if a competitor wants to advertise on your products, you gotta MAKE THEM PAY. Amazons advertising algorithm takes into account conversion when determining CPC (Cost Per Click). Your 1.50 bid may force the competitor to bid 3.00+ to win the same spot because they don’t convert as well.

Launching a new product

Launching new products on Amazon is hard, new offers don’t have the social proof to convince new customers who are not already aware of your brand. Branded searches are the perfect opportunity to display this new product. Since they are searching for your brand there is already some trust there. If your product meets their needs there’s a higher chance that they will give it a shot.

Cross sell products

Utilizing Sponsored brand headline and storefront spotlight ads are a great way to show customers the full range of products you have, as well as cross sell other product that they may not even be aware that you offered. PROTIP, this is where understanding search intent really matters. For example if a customer just types in the word Nike, a good place to direct them would be to the store since their search did not provide any specific intent on what type of Nike product they are looking for. Whereas if their search was “Nike Men’s Shoes” you would do better by directing towards a specific store page or a custom landing page with just those products.

So there you go, 3 ways to utilize your branded search traffic.

If you have ideas on additional ways feel free to drop them below ?

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