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Shopify vs. Amazon: The Battle for E-Commerce Dominance

July 27, 2023
Incrementum Digital
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Shopify vs. Amazon: The Battle for E-Commerce Dominance

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Shopify vs Amazon. A quick case for why I would launch on #Amazon first.

Trust: Amazon has millions of customers worldwide. You can leverage this trust rather than starting from scratch.

FBA: Let Amazon handle the logistics for you, allowing you to focus on product development and marketing.

Customer Acquisition: Amazon’s customer base gives you access to a ready audience. With the right product and effective use of Amazon’s advertising platform, you can hit the ground running.

Product Reviews: The review system on Amazon provides social proof and credibility. Use Amazon Vine to kickstart reviews.

Ease of Setup: With Amazon, you can start selling quicker. Find a product, create a listing, and send your inventory to Amazon’s warehouse.

Amazon’s structure can significantly simplify the process of launching. While the platform has fees and rules, and dealing with Amazon can be a nightmare at times, the infrastructure and benefits it provides can far outweigh the costs.

While Amazon gives you speed, convenience, and audience, #shopify gives you more control. You handle brand building – you control your website’s aesthetics & customer service. You manage customer relationships – perfect for email marketing. Greater control over SEO & marketing.

On Shopify you get a high degree of customization – product pages, checkout process, sales funnels. And oh, no commission to Amazon.

So where would you launch first? Shopify or Amazon?

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