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Maximizing Prime Day: A Comprehensive Amazon PPC Guide

July 7, 2023
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Maximizing Prime Day: A Comprehensive Amazon PPC Guide

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Are you ready to reign supreme in your category this Prime Day? Prime Day’s announcement often leaves advertisers observing a slight decline in sales. It’s essential to note that consumers are not disappearing. Instead, they are waiting, building their carts, and scouting for deals. This blog post will offer essential insights to help you navigate Prime Day like a pro and maximize your Amazon PPC campaign results.

Out-of-the-box Tactics

Prime Day offers several benefits beyond traditional metrics like ACOS and ROAS. To fully exploit these benefits, consider:

  • Running auto campaigns on all products with deal badges for heightened visibility.
  • Using placement modifiers for all products with deals and keywords with a higher than average conversion rate. This practice can help dominate the top search spots, which account for 70% of the click share.
  • Leverage Sponsored Brand headlines to drive maximum awareness at the top of the page.
  • Utilize Sponsored Brands campaigns to promote your deals and discounts using custom copy. Direct all your traffic to a specific landing page to optimize conversions.
  • Use Sponsored Display ads for effective product targeting, as they tend to perform exceptionally well during Prime Day. You can even showcase your deal badges right on your competitors’ product pages!
  • Develop a solid remarketing strategy. With Display ads, you can capture Prime Day’s increased traffic and serve ads long after the holiday is over.

Prime Day Timing

Understanding Prime Day’s timing is crucial. During the “Lead In” phase, customers are building their carts and creating shopping lists. Sales might start to drop, and CPCs may increase as advertisers gear up for Prime Day. However, a decrease in ROAS is not a cause for alarm as it’s essential to be top of mind for your customers on Prime Day.

Bid and Budget Management

On Prime Day, bid and budget management is king. Knowing your goals for the holiday and optimizing accordingly is vital.

Prime Day vs. Cyber Five

It’s essential to differentiate between Prime Day and the Cyber Five shopping period. While Cyber Five is generally associated with holiday shopping and often performs best with giftable items, Prime Day is more about scoring great deals. Products with deal badges tend to outperform those without. Thus, considering offering discounts on Prime Day could potentially boost your chances of success.

Suggested Bid for Prime Day

Amazon suggests a bid for Prime Day, which is often 15% higher than the regular suggested bid. This adjustment might not suit all businesses. It’s crucial to determine whether increasing, decreasing, or maintaining your bid aligns best with your strategy.

  • One approach might be to download a 30-day bulk file and look for targets with a conversion rate higher than 30% and more than three orders. Adjusting the ToS placement and increasing the campaign budgets based on these insights could position your products advantageously during Prime Day.
  • For products with a high margin or needing exposure, you may consider increasing bids and budget. However, remember that not every product may need an increased bid, especially those where the goal is profitability rather than growth.
  • Double your budget on products with deals running during Prime Day and use dayparting if the budget is limited.


In conclusion,

Prime Day is an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their products and capitalize on increased traffic. The key is to understand the customer’s mindset during this period, fine-tune your strategies, and adjust your budgets and bids accordingly. A well-thought-out and executed strategy can help turn the tide in your favor. Happy advertising!

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