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Amazon Audit Flag of the Week: Low Volume Keywords 🚩

July 8, 2024
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We discovered one common thread in many of our Amazon advertising audits this week during the campaign analysis portion: Hundreds of highly relevant keywords and 0 impressions.

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For example: one hair dye product would include a term like “brown hair dye” in a campaign with over 75 additional targets, but that term wasn’t getting a single impression for broad, phrase, or exact match.

Zero Impression Keywords - Amazon advertising

There are three reasons why this could be the case.

  1. The bid is too low. Plain & simple, there’s just not enough to fund visibility in the bidding war.
  2. The budget isn’t high enough to support that term while other terms are generating sales within the same campaign. It very well could be that there just isn’t enough budget to test all terms included in that campaign, therefore Amazon’s algo has decided to allocate to only the best performers.
  3. The most common reason we find for this issue is that there are simply too many terms targeted in that particular campaign. Amazon’s algorithm, no matter the budget, still needs guardrails to inform a cohesive strategy. If too many varying terms are added to one campaign, there is too much data for Amazon’s algorithm to make meaningful decisions and it will limit variables after testing anywhere between 5-25 keywords.

What’s the impact?

Depending on how relevant these terms are to your product, leaving these keywords unchecked can seriously deteriorate market share over time. Even keywords in campaigns that are highly relevant with low impression volume can be a cause for concern depending on how many searches each term generates each month. Leaving these terms without allocation for too long can also lead your advertising analysts to believe that the wrong terms are strategically relevant to your brand.

For example, one campaign might house 200-300 different targets with less than 25 getting consistent impressions. Inexperienced analysts will often mistake this for a lack of strategic relevance, and write these opportunities off before they have a chance to make any true impact on performance.

How can I find these within my own campaigns?

  • Navigate to the Ad console dashboard.
  • Click into the campaign you’d like to analyze and navigate to “targets”
  • Add the following filters: [Target Active Status: Enabled] [Campaign Active Status: Enabled] [Impressions = 0].

Okay, I found some… Now what?

If you find keywords that you believe are strategically relevant that are not receiving impressions across multiple campaigns, try segregating campaigns to include fewer targets. Ensure that bids are sufficient for these targets by checking the Ad Console. When you are moving keywords to campaigns, make sure that each new campaign does not contain more than 25 targets* at a time.

Don’t forget: 1 term exact match + 1 term phrase match = two targets

Want to see if this (or worse!) is taking place in your brand’s ad console? Let us take a look. 👀

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