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The Future of SEO: Adapting to Conversational Search

June 27, 2023
Liran Hirshchkorn
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As Amazon’s search algorithms continue to evolve, the way we measure success in the digital landscape needs to adapt accordingly. Traditional methods such as tracking organic rankings may soon become obsolete in the age of conversational search.

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With the rise of ChatGPT-style product search, Amazon aims to create an interactive conversational experience that offers a more personalized customer journey. By leveraging customer purchase history and data, Amazon can enhance personalized recommendations, potentially making organic rankings less relevant.

So, what does this mean for SEO and the key performance indicators (KPIs) we track?
Instead of solely focusing on organic rankings, brands will need to optimize their product listings for conversational queries and harness data-driven insights from customer behavior patterns. Investing in tools that analyze user intent and preferences, while staying updated with emerging trends in voice search technology, will be crucial.

✍️ The future of Amazon search will likely prioritize personalization and relevance over raw keyword density or stuffing. As a result, the way we write product listings today will evolve. It’s essential to anticipate the changes and adapt accordingly.

The Future of SEO: Adapting to Conversational Search, Incrementum Digital

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