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Maximize ROI: AMC’s Paid Shopping Insights

June 27, 2023
Liran Hirshchkorn
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Maximize ROI: AMC’s Paid Shopping Insights

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Amazon is taking a strategic approach to growing its ad business, and it’s not just about generating more clicks. Introducing “Paid Shopping Insights” within the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), a powerful tool that opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Brands, as well as for Amazon’s Ad unit.

First, a big shoutout to Sreenath Reddy for sharing an insightful blog post today about the incredible potential of the Subscribe and Save (SnS) program in growing your customer base. With the help of AMC’s robust insights, you can dive deep into understanding when customers activate SnS. This knowledge will unlock targeted marketing strategies we have not been able to use until now.

Imagine this scenario: AMC’s analysis reveals that the highest amount of subscribe and save activation on an ASIN happens after the third purchase. Armed with this valuable information, you can create a highly targeted audience comprising of buyers who have already made two purchases from your brand. Leveraging custom creative that highlights the benefits of SnS you can craft compelling display marketing campaigns tailored specifically to this audience.

However Amazon isn’t giving this information for free. In the free version of AMC, you can only access information regarding the first SnS conversion a customer makes at the brand level. To unlock comprehensive data on subsequent conversions and gain in-depth insights, investing in AMC’s paid shopping insights becomes essential.

This signals a shift from solely paying for clicks to investing in fees for insights. By utilizing Paid Shopping Insights, you gain a competitive edge. You can now understand precisely when customers are most likely to subscribe to SnS, allowing you to target your ads with laser-like precision. This targeted approach maximizes the returns on your advertising investments, ultimately boosting your revenue and profitability on Amazon.

Maximize ROI: AMC’s Paid Shopping Insights, Incrementum Digital

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