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STIN: Your Amazon Advertising Game-Changer

June 27, 2023
Mansour Norouzi
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STIN: Your Amazon Advertising Game-Changer

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Today, while getting ready to research an account, I was preparing to analyze search terms.

My goal was to identify high-performing terms that weren’t yet targeted in campaigns and to ensure they were being used in all match types. Additionally, I wanted to identify if a search term was triggered by multiple campaigns and which ones, so I could clean up if needed.

Then, a thought struck me.

“Mansour, you know better. If something can be automated to save time, it should be automated.”

So, I took a pause. I decided to invest 30 minutes of my time to build a tool that could save hours for me and our team in the future. Now, all we have to do is enter the search term report and boom – the insights are ready!

I named it ‘Search Term Insight Navigator’ (or STIN for short).

There’s much more that can be added to this tool, and this is just the beginning.

It’s still a work in progress, and I’m contemplating turning it into a template. If you’re interested, drop a “I want this” in the comments, and I might fine-tune it and share it with everyone.

Also, if you have any recommendations or features you’d like to see, please let me know. Let’s make our Amazon Advertising work more efficiently together! ?

Remember, automation is your ally in the fast-paced world of Amazon Advertising. Work smarter, not harder! ??

Save your precious time for tasks that truly need your expertise.

Amazon tool. Search Term Insight Navigator (STIN)


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