portrait of Wayne Farquharson

Wayne Farquharson

Senior Manager

Wayne is a Senior Manager with Incrementum Digital who currently lives and works from Kingston, Jamaica. His areas of focus spans Amazon and Walmart Advertising, while he also shares his knowledge and expertise by leading and training teams.

Wayne has operated in the Ecommerce space over the last five (5) years in various roles ranging from Amazon Tax Consultant, PPC Optimization Specialist, Account Executive to his current role as Senior Manager. He has garnered a specific set of skills which are paramount to success in the PPC arena and a keen sense for strategic advertising development. He has worked with a wide range of clients with products that span several categories across Amazon.

On his downtime, Wayne spends the bulk of his time learning new things by reading books and other publications that spark his interest. He is also an avid football fan (soccer if you are American) and supports the well-known English team, Manchester United.

The company core value that resonates with me is “Collaborate To Harness Collective Genius” – I chose this value because it outlines the strength that can be generated by working together with someone on the team or in the company in general. We all have various backgrounds and different levels of experience with Advertising and it is always good to bounce ideas off others in the team and possibly gain a different perspective on topics.