portrait of Samer El Brax

Samer El Brax

Business Development Manager

Samer El Brax joined our team in November of 2020 as an advertising manager and was later promoted to business development manager. Samer has been selling and advertising his own products and brands on Amazon and consulting for other companies since 2017. He has also shared his journey, his lessons, and his tips on his YouTube channel along the way. Samer has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, which, along with his experience selling his own products, has equipped him with data analysis skills as well as problem solving skills that have proven to be very useful working in e-commerce and advertising on Amazon. Samer is passionate about e-commerce, sharing his lessons and knowledge, traveling, networking, and helping business owners solve their problems and grow their businesses. Samer has been based in Montreal, Canada, after having immigrated from Beirut, Lebanon in 2016.

My favorite Incrementum Digital value is “Collaborate To Harness Collective Genius” because I truly believe that everybody is gifted at something very specific. When we work together to identify those unique skills, each team member’s expertise can be properly utilized to their full potential, resulting in the best possible outcomes and solutions to problems.